Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Maslin Pan

Oh, this baby is on my wish list for sure! I recently went to a canning workshop where the woman teaching had one of these. I asked her what it was called and where to get one, but she said it had been a gift and she thought it was for cooking jam. I did an image search and finally found it! (It wasn't easy.) It's called a "Maslin Pan". I love that it has a spout, a tipping handle, an over-the-top handle, and a measuring guide inside. And it's angled. How cool is that?! It would make cooking so much easier! (And more fun, don't you think?)

Homemade JELLY BEANS!?!?!

Oh my gosh, no WAY! It was a total fluke that I ran into this article outlining how to make your own stinkin' homemade jelly beans! It's another one of those things that never occurred to me. And the greatest thing is that they don't require corn syrup which is in almost every jelly bean under the sun. Hooray!

Check it out!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ramen, How I Loathe You

It is unfortunate that my whole family loves Ramen noodles. I do not. In college I refused to eat the stuff; even during my study abroad when my fellow students were downing their cheap bowls of noodles and fake broth, I pressed on in my homemade meal snobbishness. (I'm sure they were jealous of the delicious wafting smells coming from the kitchen.)

Even though I'm surrounded by Ramen-lovers in my very own home, I still can't get over those nasty packets of "flavor" that come with every package. The words "MSG" and "artificial" always give me a cringe as I unwillingly hand a steaming bowl to my children, much to their delight.

Well, today I wasn't going to stand for it anymore. On our menu for Tuesday's lunch is soup. I asked my son if he wanted Ramen. Of course he said yes. I didn't try plopping in frozen mixed veggies like last time (they went very unwell received). Instead, while the noodles were boiling, I discreetly did away with the packet of artificial beef flavor and whipped out my favorite beef base (Better Than Bouillon). I LOVE this stuff. And it's made from BEEF. Like, the real stuff. I stirred a couple teaspoons in and nonchalantly handed a steaming bowl of beef Ramen to my son. He downed it without even realizing and went on his merry way.

I AM MOTHER TRIUMPHANT! Mwahahahahahahahaaaa!

Take that Ramen.
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