Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Starting Out

I suppose for anyone that wants to start homesteading, they need to just - start. I grew up feeding off the Reader's Digest book Back to Basics and inheriting my mother's love of the land. My first homesteading effort involved a two-leafed maple tree and three carrots all grown in my bedroom. Sadly, my efforts were a failure, mostly because I didn't understand the need for a little patience and a lot of fertilizer.

From there I moved on to growing parsley outside, teaching myself to bake, and learning to play the harmonica. All this before I turned 16.

My family then moved to a wonderful, magical home with a wood stove, a Hoosier, black walnuts and apple trees. I learned the art of apple butter - divinity from heaven! And while life has thrown me a lot of moves and changes I keep trying to learn and understand what homesteading is all about and what it means to me.

And while I haven't gotten my farm acreage yet with a garden, chickens, sheep, and some cats, homesteading is taking one step at a time, learning one skill at a time and loving the journey.

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