Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Bug

The little white house in Dayton

I don't know about you, but when I feel spring coming all sorts of deeply embedded instincts hit me. I feel a huge urge to dig in the dirt, traipse through the woods breathing deeply and to spend as much time outside as possible - rain or shine. Of course, all of this is ideal on ones own property, which, at the moment, we do not have. Having just graduated from college and started the big job, we're just beginning the journey of saving for our first home.

The bug to buy said home really hit me hard today. Since we're new to Maryland we're still looking around for towns where we'd really like to set down roots. Currently we live in a nice rental, but it's a bit too close to the big city for me. This morning we researched houses for rent in places we are interested in. And then for a fun weekend excursion we packed the kids in the car and drove around to see those places.

The first stop was a little town called Dayton. And I immediately fell in love. It's a little off the beaten track - enough to feel like you're in the country but where stores and restaurants aren't unreasonably far away. It's also next to the same highway that shoots my husband directly to his work. The major bonus for this little town is that there is tons of space between houses (a big deal to me), with corn fields, forests and lawns sprawling into and out of one another. It was beautiful!

We checked out this simple, 3 bedroom white 1940s house on a half acre, a little garage, another outbuilding, and plenty of lawn to play in. What was even cooler was that next door the neighbors had a sign that said "Local Honey"! Yes! My husband and I have pretty modest tastes, so this house was perfect! Unfortunately, we can't seriously be looking for anywhere else to rent right now as our current rental contract doesn't end for a few more months. Not to mention this particular house had 5 people interested in it already.

But now it's too late. I'm in love with Dayton and am determined to live somewhere around there. Just looking at that house I could already see my garden and chicken coop (despite the downpour we were having at the time), hanging out on that neighbors' porch talking shop about honey and bees and taking a walk down the road with my kids. Since it would take nothing short of a miracle to get into that little white house, my husband and I started talking about buying. Like I said, we're not even close to considering buying a house, but it's definitely lit the fire under us to get going on that process. I can't wait! I can already feel my fingers in the warm dirt, the sun on my back, and the laugh of our children as they run around the yard... Aaaah, a piece of dirt to call our own!


j@nAe said...

I love how everything is so green back in Maryland. I definitely miss that!

LilacCottageGoats said...

I know someday you will find your homestead, and I hope it will be in the little town. God bless

Karen Sue said...

my first house to look at and bid on was purchased by a good friend of mine now...the next house, which we bought, was really a better fit for us, but who knew at the time?!?!
It's not a bad idea to start looking and talking to the bank and just seeing what you have to work with and then if something comes along, you'll know if it is doable.

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