Monday, August 30, 2010

Diaper Sprayer Mayhem

So, we've been doing cloth diapers for awhile now. I am still really liking them! We do use disposables for going to church, but I think that's mostly because I don't have a wet bag yet to put the cloth diapers in.

I hope you don't mind me mentioning it.... but when it comes to messy diapers, we at first did a lot of rinsing and scrubbing. This was getting to be a bit tedious, so my amazing husband installed a DIY diaper sprayer. I was so excited! Until the first time I got to use it. The water pressure was so hard, even with the water flow turned down on low, that it sprayed poopy water everywhere in the bathroom. Not cool!

But today I tried a new tactic, because I was not going to give up the diaper sprayer! We had a medium-sized unused tub we used to do our dishes in that was just sitting around. Now, I keep the tub under the crib where we put the soiled diapers during changings. Then, we use the tub to carry the diaper to the bathroom to rinse it out. If it's a dirty diaper I carry it over to the bathtub and using the diaper sprayer, spray the diaper down in the plastic tub while it's sitting in the bathtub. If it sprays everywhere, who cares! It worked amazingly! I am really excited. Man, the things you get excited over when you're a parent. Sheesh! :-)

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Anonymous said...

I just came upon your blog today. I also use cloth diapers and love them. I watched a few moments of the DIY diaper sprayer how-to and felt sad that you went through such a process. They do make them, and from the look of all the materials you used, would likely cost the same or less than what you spent. I have had one for two years and could not do without it! It attaches to your toilet, has a hanger, requires only one tool to install and takes about 3 minutes of your time. You can get them on and likely elsewhere for less. I paid about $25 two years ago but when I got mine it wasn't marketed as being for diapers, but rather as a handheld bidet. Aside from the cost of the diapers, the sprayer was the best investment I've made. No pressure issues either.

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