Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Progress Report and Other Things

I wanted to give a quick progress report of the no shampoo. The first few days my hair still felt a little greasy and limp, but by the second washing, my hair feels so soft and it looks great! I washed it yesterday, and usually by this time it is already starting to look greasy, but not today! It still looks great. Not only that, but I noticed with shampoo, I would air dry or use a hair dryer and my hair would always be frizzy and wiry on top. With the no shampoo my hair is manageable and completely calm! This is just after a week, so more time will really tell. And I'm hoping to be able to go longer than every other day between washing. When I get a better idea, I'll give you the scoop with the recipes.

In reviews of others going the no shampoo route, they do say they shampoo once or twice a month using an all-organic shampoo without all the junk in it the other commercial brands use. So, I did buy a bottle of organic shampoo with lots of lovely essential oils and used a little of that last time just to see. Once that is gone (and I'm thinking that will be in a long time), I want to try and make my own shampoo. I have a promising looking recipe using chammomile flowers and glycerin. I'll keep you posted!

On a completely unrelated note - I am finally making progress through my apples. I just finished off my second batch of applesauce (half being of the cinnamon variety YUM!) and I am very happy! I really feel like I'm preparing my family against the no fruit months in the winter. My ultimate goal is to eat seasonally as much as I can, but I'm finding that eating seasonally doesn't mean you can't have strawberries in winter. It just means you have to freeze or can them when they're in season in order to enjoy them later!


Keleigh, Cecilia and Family said...

i've been going shampoo free too, but am having some problems. i'm not quite sure what... i use the baking soda to wash and apple cider vinegar to rinse. but i have curly, fine hair and it gets real limp if i put in coconut oil and then really frizzy if i don't. any ideas?

Sarah Rachelle said...

I like the trouble shooting on this site: http://babyslime.livejournal.com/174054.html

When it says to use a little oil to help with frizziness they mean a LITTLE. I put in just 3 drops of tea tree oil into my rinse because my scalp was a little itchy and my hair was completely greasy and limp once my hair dried. I couldn't believe it. The oil just coated my hair. Maybe try using a teeny tiny amount of coconut oil and see how it works.
I think going shampoo free is an interesting challenge and it takes a bit of time finding what works for your own hair. Good luck! I'd like to hear how it goes.

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