Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Sunrise

I found this amazing, springy, happy drink on the Progressive Pioneer. It's strawberry grapefruit juice and it is wonderful. I've never been a huge fan of grapefruits, but having it in this form is very nice.

It's a simple recipe too:

1 grapefruit
Ripe strawberries
Sweetener (I used a couple tablespoons of sugar, but you could use honey or something else.)

Peel and de-seed the grapefruit. Throw it in the blender with a couple handfuls of strawberries. Blend. Add the sweetener and ice and blend for a minute or two until it is smooth. Drink right away! It really does taste like a beautiful spring sunrise!

(If you don't like your drinks really pulpy, I'd recommend juicing the grapefruit instead of throwing the whole thing in the blender.)


Casey said...

Sounds yummy!

Sarah Rachelle said...

You'll want to strain out the pulp - it's a lot of pulp to drink down!

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