Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Top is Finished!


You'll be nice and ignore the non-matching corners, right?
I used a rotary cutter and ruler and everything.
Don't even ask me how the corners didn't match up, because I don't have a clue!

I didn't have enough of my gorgeous floral fabric, so I had to improvise and add some green squares on each side.

Now all I have to decide is what my border color should be: bright orange, peacock blue, fern green, or soft tan. I need help to decide. So, take my poll over there! ---->

If it helps, click on the middle picture to analyze the colors better.


Casey said...

Huzzah! It's so beautiful! Not as great as my cloak though! hahah I can't believe how often I use it! So great. :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I'm a long-time quilter, and the usual culprit for non-matching corners and other similar problems is simply not enough precision in your 1/4" seams. It helps to get a 1/4" seam foot for your machine. You'd be surprised how much difference 1/16" can make, especially when you do it several times across a row. But your top looks great; I love the floral print.

Sarah Rachelle said...

Casey- haha! I'm so glad your cloak is seeing so much use. I still have some of that fabric, did you know? Maybe I could make a mini cloak for Mairi. hahaha!

Chickadee - Oooh, thanks for the tips! I also noticed that my higher quality fabric didn't have any stretch to it, while my thinner fabrics did, so if I just pulled too much, things wouldn't add up. I'm learning a lot!

Casey said...

Do it! Do it do it! I love the idea of a mini me running around! hahaha

Holly Hox said...

Love it Sarah! So fresh and happy :)

Anonymous said...

Yep, Sarah, stretching the edges happens, too, though it isn't usually a problem with things cut on the straight grain. Bias cut edges will drive you nuts if you aren't extremely careful.

You will learn; you're doing great.

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