Thursday, May 24, 2012

One of THEM

Today I walked into a Tractor Supply Co. store for the first time with my kids. I had this strange giddy feeling looking at boots, chicken feed, and rabbit cages. I had never really had an excuse to go to a store like this except for painful wishful dreaming about the all elusive "some day". But now I'm one of THEM - those people that shop at farm stores because I need that kind of stuff. On the way out a lady walking in came up, squeezed my arm and blessed me for having two red-headed children. haha! I love small towns.

On the way home we stopped at a local farm that sells produce and I found out they raise their own pasture Angus beef. Sweet! Driving home on the back roads brought me such sweet happiness. I'm finally living in the country! That drive home is mine and we get to look at beautiful farm land and my kids get to see the other way to live - with fresh air, a pleathora of trees and fields, gardens and chickens.


1 comment:

Holly Hox said...

Yay Sarah! So so happy for you and your family! Hoping there's lots of trips to the feed store in your future :)

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