Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Continuation of Turkey

This time of year there are thousands of recipes floating around out there on the internet about how to use all your leftover turkey. I'm a simple gal. I'll try a fancy recipe every now and then, but mostly my food is simple.
I just thought I'd share with you a small list of what I've done with my leftover turkey.

(A note: I cook my turkey in a bag, debone it and then reheat the meat in all its juices with the fat skimmed off for the Big Meal on Thanksgiving. That way the turkey is tender and juicy - even the white meat! I store the turkey in its juices in the fridge, that way when its reheated all the juices are still there. Yummy!)

1. Turkey, Rice & Vegetable Soup
I made a potful of broth from the turkey carcass, a couple of carrots, a chopped onion and some herbs and spices. I used some broth to make the soup, added some cooked brown rice and some frozen mixed vegetables. Simple. (I froze the rest of the broth to use later.)

2. Warm Turkey Sandwich.
Bread, Miracle Whip (none of that nasty mayo for me, thanks!), mustard and turkey. Classic.

3. Italian Turkey Melt
A slice of ciabatta bread with turkey and cheese heated in a 350ยบ oven. I made a homemade pasta sauce and poured that over.

4. Fried Rice with Turkey
Stir fried shredded carrots, leeks, chicken bouillon base and a scrambled egg mixed up with some leftover brown rice and the turkey.

5. Oriental Turkey
Turkey simmered in a store-bought Asian sauce (homemade is great too!) and served with frozen stir-fry veggies and rice. We love the brown rice around here!

Things I plan on doing:
-Turkey Pot Pie
-Turkey Tacos
-Whatever occurs to me on the fly...

How do you use your leftover turkey?

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