Saturday, May 14, 2011

Shady Grove

Awhile back I had posted that I had inherited a mountain dulcimer from my step-mom. I finally got around to becoming more familiar with it and actually learning a song. One of my favorite songs is "Shady Grove" so I found some tablature online and went at it. I now feel like I'm fairly proficient at it. Now all I need is a digital recorder so I can put it on here! Wouldn't that be fun?

Growing up, I aspired to play many different instruments, just like my dad. I taught myself to play the harmonica, the fife, the clarinet, and the piano. Mind, I wasn't super amazing at any of them! Rather than digging deep on just one, I only grazed a little at each instrument until I could play a few songs (Well, the piano I fell in love with a learned to play a lot better than the others). I dreamed of learning the dulcimer since I was a teenager. Learning "Shady Grove" was really a dream come true! I've got a long ways to go, though, on being really good at the dulcimer.

I had stopped playing any music when my life got too crazy being a wife, a student, an employee, a mom, and then a mom of 2. I just never picked any instrument up except the piano now and then. It's been too long since music was apart of my life and it feels awesome to be playing again!


Anonymous said...

Good for you! I just blogged last week about how learning to play an instrument (now working on two) has really enriched my life, and I came very late to it...starting at age 58.

I'm now working of fiddle (going on two years) and piano (3 weeks.) Enjoy yourself!

Casey said...


Sarah Rachelle said...

Haha! Very funny, Casey! ;-)

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