Monday, June 4, 2012

Antiquing Delivers!

I was on the hunt for a kitchen scrap bucket. I've started my compost heap in the far corner of the yard by the treeline, but I didn't want to have to hike it out there every time I cut up an apple or peeled a cucumber. And I didn't want to spend a stinkin' $30 for Rachel Ray's designer kitchen scrap compost bucket whatever. So, I headed to my favorite antique mall in Ellicott City and, as always, that place delivered!

 I found this sweet, vintage pea green and chrome ice bucket with a cool knob and funky handle. I couldn't have been more happy! And you know what was even better? It was on SALE, baby!

Here it is in all it's pea green glory!

LOVE the knob

Don't you just adore the curve of that handle?

Is it possible to love a kitchen scrap bucket?

Oh yes.


janae said...

We actually have a middle ground for our compost - a 25-gallon bucket just outside the back door. So I dump the kitchen waste in the middle bucket daily, and dump the middle bucket into the compost weekly. I am so lazy! :)

clair said...

Love it! I need me one. But it has to be as cute as yours and pea green too. :)

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