Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I am totally in love with making beans from scratch. They taste so fresh and filling! I've only ever made things with beans from a can. Those cans, unknowingly, turned into a crutch. There was just something so intimidating about those bags of dry beans. Everything I had heard made them sound so difficult to cook - they took forever, they tasted chalky if you didn't cook them enough... I don't know. I think I took every excuse I could get to avoid trying them myself. Besides, beans in cans are so easy! When I finally took the plunge I was floored with how easy and delicious the beans were! With every new thing I am learning to make from scratch myself, the more I feel empowered and less dependent on the grocery store.

Next project: homemade rice-a-roni. I'll let you know how it goes and post the recipe!


Clair said...

I think dry beans are intimidating too! I have, though, had them made up by someone who new what they were doing and I loved them. I need to give it a try. You inspire me Sarah!

Karen Sue said...

OK..I have lost my job and while I am finding a new one, I think I will start a list of the things to try and beans from scratch is going on the list... I opened pork and beans today for lunch 'cuz the hubby requested it. Are you just making and eating, or making and then canning your own??

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