Thursday, April 1, 2010

Morning Walks

Lately, with a new baby and a three-year old I haven't ventured outside much. I'm still learning to juggle 2 kids and going outside or on an errand is still an overwhelming task at times. This morning, though I saw that we had forgotten to put out the trash and before the garbage truck came I rushed to get the can outside. I stepped out in my pajamas and flip flops and... it was an amazingly beautiful spring day! I couldn't take it. As soon as the baby was fed, I packed the kids into the stroller and we went for a walk.

I had forgotten how wonderful morning walks can be - the cool breeze chilling our skin, the warm early sun shining in our faces and the air was filled with the sound of song birds. I can't remember the last time I've heard that sound. For some reason in Utah, there is a sad lack of song birds and I have really missed their unceasing, varied songs.

We walked through the neighborhood and I breathed deeply, the smell of new grass and wet dirt nearly making me cry. How long has it been since I have appreciated these little things? Too long. We wandered down new streets (pretty much every street around here is new to me) taking in the hodge-podge of bungalos in varying degrees of good repair and neglect. I had to laugh at one yard where the folks had cactus plants growing out of a pair of boots - there were two sets of these. You don't see cactus much outside of the west. (Although, I swear I saw wild cactus growing in southern Missouri and no one believes me.) I was also surprised to see so many "Beware of Dog" signs. Everyone around here must have a dog. Except me. But we won't go into that.

That walk was so spiritually rejuvenating but physically exhausting. Lack of walks combined with post-pregnancy has really caught up with me. I need to remember to go on more walks in the morning.

Not that I've been sitting around doing nothing. Just yesterday I had a picnic on our back porch with my kids. My son was eating a PB&J sandwich - with bread and jam that I had made myself! It gave me such supreme satisfaction to know I can do that. Yesterday I also made strawberry-lemon marmalade (YUM!) and today I bottled some lemon juice and made some strawberry jam. Hooray for strawberry sales!

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Katie said...

Strawberry-lemon marmalade sounds divine! I just made strawberry jam over the weekend and thought of you. I was wishing you still lived in Utah so we could get to gether and can up some yommy stuff for our families. I need to try that marmalade combo.

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