Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Organic Milk Commitment

I know how good organic grass-fed milk tastes. My first experience was when I worked at Wild Oats in Indianapolis, IN. A local organic dairy sold their milk at our store. I think I bought my first milk of theirs because it was in a cool, old-fashioned-type glass bottle. My first gulp was a revelation. The creamy coolness running down my throat tasted so clean and pure. It was what milk was supposed to taste like! How a girl who had always drunk regular store milk was able to know that is a mystery. I took another drink, savoring the creaminess (it only came in the whole variety) and... was that a hint of grass flavor? I swear I could taste the grass in the milk. They say that what a cow drinks affects the flavor of the milk. I totally believe that is true. It helps that my taste buds are really sensitive.

Well, I haven't had much organic milk since then. After such an earth-shattering experience you'd think I wouldn't have gone back to regular milk. The issue has always been price. And availability. I am a milk girl. I just need my milk. And organic milk is dang expensive! So I usually take what I can get.

Now that I have two kids, that first taste of the good stuff has been haunting me. I know it's better. It tastes better, and it's better for us and for the cows. I want to support good things like that. And so, I finally decided to make the organic (grass fed, non-ultra-pasteurized) milk commitment. At least for the stuff we drink. (I like to use powdered milk for cooking.) I'm not sure how firm this commitment will be. But I just got done drinking a half-mug of amazing organic grass-fed milk and it was just like I remember. It was the way milk is supposed to taste.


Rachel B. said...

My brother use to work at a diary. The cows were grass fed in wide open pastures and only got antibotics if they got sick. We got milk from there all the time. Now, there're affliated with Land O' Lakes but still keep up their old practices. I don't feel as bad when I buy that brand. There's a dairy about 5 minutes down the road from me that sells grass fed milk. They sell eggs and produce from their farm as well. I'm lucky enough to have plenty of farms around me.

Amy McPherson Sirk said...

I buy raw milk from grass fed cows. I get it directly from a family down the road. I feel so blessed to have this source of great nutrition for my family.

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