Thursday, July 1, 2010

Finally! The Garden is In

Thanks to my neighbor starting seeds for me, I finally have my container garden finished. I have patio pickling cucumbers and heirloom tomatoes. For the tomatoes I have Cherokee Purple, Brandywine, Yellow Plum, Yellow Pear, Green Zebra, and my favorite - Bloody Butcher. I hope to have enough tomatoes to make salsa. A few of my plants have flowers on them already. Yay! I'd also like to get some semi-mature jalapeƱo plants soon.

 Some cool annuals I don't know the name of. I love how bright and funky they are. 
No wimpy flowers here!

My container tomato and cucumber plants.
And the satellite-dish-turned-fire-pit. 

Bloody Butcher Tomatoes in a self-watering container. 
I can't wait! They're so yummy...

I know I'm a little behind, but I'm trying to start some herbs too. We'll see how that goes. I sure miss my purple sage. :-(

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Katie said...

I like the fire pit:)

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