Thursday, February 3, 2011

Homemade Baby Food

As my daughter has gotten older I've been wanting to expand my homemade baby food repitoire from purees to baby snacks like teething cookies. And since her 1st birthday is coming up in two weeks (already!), I wanted to research out some baby-friendly birthday cakes that didn't have a lot or any sugar in it at all. I stumbled on this great website that has a lot of homemade recipes for baby foods from meats, to birthday cake, to snacks. Perfect!

Here it is: Wholesome Baby Food
And here's the link about the birthday cake.

I've avoided pureeing meat like the plague because of the hassle, but looking at their recipes I feel pretty dumb. It looks like it was never that big a deal!

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Beanie's Mama said...

Still haven't started Alina on any solids-- she had a cruel growth spurt last week, but things are settled and I think we're still safe for now.

I'm worried about meat because of the smell! But this website looks pretty cool-- especially the cake! I look forward to trying it.

PS We bought a barely-used Cuisinart blender for $16! So cool because they sell new for $60.

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