Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Homemade Strikes Again!

So, I've been looking into replacing more things that I usually buy in a box with homemade recipes. And guess what?! You can totally make homemade instant pudding and homemade jello (using gelatin & juice)! These are way healthier alternatives and I am super excited to try the recipes out. Here are the webpages I got the recipes from.

Homemade Jello
(You can find the pastured beef gelatin she mentions on Amazon. I've also heard you can use Agar Agar instead of an animal-based gelatin if you're vegetarian. This is derived from a variety of seaweeds.)

Just think... any flavor of 100% bottled juice is your flavor of jello. How cool is that?! And don't leave out frozen juices when concocting your jello plans. My kids are going to love this!

One little side note - gelatin is actually very good for you and has many health benefits, including giving your body needed callogen (a skin builder). Jello that's healthy! haha! That is so crazy. But you know what? That's what homemade does for you, folks!

Homemade Instant Pudding

 I love that she recommends using flavored oils for all the interesting flavors you can find at the store. I was so worried I couldn't make homemade pistachio pudding, but now I can! Woohoo!

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