Friday, March 16, 2012

Seafood Watch

So, for a few years I've known about this really cool organization called Seafood Watch that I really wanted to share with you. Seafood Watch is an organization that seeks to promote and educate the public and restaurants about sustainable fishing practices. I know a lot of people care about good food and sustainability and this organization makes it really easy as consumers to be conscientious about buying fish that has been harvested sustainably.  The thing I really love is that they have a little pocket guide that you can download and keep in your wallet so that you have an accessible guide when you're out shopping for fish so you know which kind has been raised sustainably and which fish has not - it really helps me feel like I'm a better, more educated consumer. Not only that, but they have cards you can download to give to friends or to leave at restaurants to encourage them to buy sustainable fish. I think it's a fabulous resource!

Here's the link for their downloadable cards. I've used mine a lot and LOVE it!

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