Thursday, July 26, 2012

Plum Jam

Today I finally made some plum jam. My kids and I had picked the plums at Larriland Farms about a month ago. I had prepped the fruit and put it in the freezer. Today I had nothing going on in the morning, so I used up the plum pulp for one small batch. I'm used to making a ridiculous amount of jam at one time (due to over-enthusiasm!), so making a small batch was actually very nice, low key, and manageable. I should really try the small batches more often!

Except... now that peaches are in season I am dying to make a huge stash of canned peach halves. Last year I made them using this honey syrup and they were amazing. They had this lovely honey-tinted flowery flavor. We finished our last jar a few weeks ago and I made it into a wonderful dessert of one peach half, some homemade oatmeal cookies and some whipped cream. It was divine! Yes, I need to go pick some peaches, but I'm afraid I'll get carried away. Just the thought of those jars of homemade peaches makes me want to pick a few bushels! Someone send help! haha!

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