Monday, July 30, 2012


My husband and I LOVE sourdough bread. I've been wanting to try making my own sourdough using home grown sourdough starter for a long time, but was kind of scared of the commitment. After seeing a link for Cultures for Health, who sell a huge variety of sourdough starter cultures, I knew that now was the time. I purchased a Parisian culture, because I've been wanting to make my own French bread. (Check out their amazing selection from all over the world! So cool!)

I did receive a gift of an ancient sourdough starter from somewhere in Europe from this couple who were passionate about baking and cooking Medieval recipes. (Medieval reenactors have their own version of Iron Chef, did you know that? It's totally awesome!) I'm afraid I let the starter die, mostly because it intimidated me!, and I've regretted it ever since. So, I'm giving myself another chance. I really can't wait!

My starter... just started. We'll see what it's like in 12 hours!

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