Monday, August 13, 2012

Sourdough Update

After a few days of fairly flat sourdough starter with only some bubbles, I realized that I had been only feeding it every 24 hours instead of every 12 hours like I was supposed to. Oops! Once I was feeding it more on a regular basis, it was rising and bubbling reliably. 

So far, I've made a loaf of sourdough bread (that rose in only 3 1/2 hours compared to the 4-12 hours they say it should take), sourdough biscuits, and sourdough pancakes. The biscuits were fabulous. The pancakes not so much. I'll have to tweak that recipe a bit.

My sourdough jar covered with its cloth and rubber band.

Nice and bubbly!

Mmm! Delicious sourdough biscuits!
We smeared these with butter and strawberry jam and were in heaven!

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