Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Some New Dishes

I took a couple hours last Saturday to go by myself to an antique store in nearby Ellicott City, Maryland. It was wonderful to be able to take my time and not have to worry if my sweet little son was roaming around with curious fingers! The last time I was there I saw these awesome vintage Pyrex refrigerator dishes. I thought one would be perfect for storing homemade butter in. So I got it!

I just love how cheerful it is! I wish I could have gotten more, but a whole set was a little out of my price range. This will be perfect for when I make butter, though.

A long time ago I complained about my ugly blue mugs. Recently, as part of our purging stuff I took the plunge and got rid of them, hoping that the right mugs would come along later. We were browsing at the thrift store this past weekend and I saw them. The perfect beautiful little mugs!

I absolutely love the thin round handle, the smooth texture, the pale blue color, and I adore the shape. It makes me happy to hold one cupped in my hand (no pun intended) and sip from it. Aaah! A perfect fit! :-) And the perfect price too - 50 cents each! There were only 5 of them, but that's ok. We've got other mugs to fill in the gaps.


Anonymous said...

I actually HAVE some of the Pyrex refrigerator dishes thare vintage in blue and white. I love them very much!

I adore your little blue mugs. They remind me of a bowl that I have that is "sensuous." When my kids were in thier teens they made fun of me having a sensous bowl, but at least YOU know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Uh, that should have been "dishes that are vintage"--sheesh.

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