Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Early Autumn & Chocolate

We still have a couple weeks before official autumn, but today we have been blessed with lovely cool weather. The kids and I ventured outside this morning in sweaters and pants! It was wonderful. I love autumn. Tonight there is a women's activity at church and I signed up to bring dessert. We're to make apple crisp. I just pulled mine out of the oven and it smells blissfully of autumn! Do you think they'd notice if I stole a teeny tiny piece? I mean, I have heavy cream in my fridge, for goodness sakes! It's practically screaming for me to eat it. Oooooh, so hard to resist! (Can you tell I haven't had lunch yet?)

Our house is cool, a hot apple crisp is on the stove and now all I need is a warm, crackly fire in a woodstove. Alas, we had to remove our stove for insurance purposes (it wasn't installed up to code, blast it!). But I guess I could always turn to the fireplace on Netflix! haha!

I've been meaning to share this, but kept forgetting. About a month ago, in an uncharacteristically fit of food inventiveness, my husband got the kids together and made up a new, yummy dessert. He dubbed it:

Muddy Bananas

He heated chocolate chips with peanut butter and then they dipped ripe bananas in it. They were in love! I gave it a try later on and it's absolutely delicious! When I told him the chocolate/peanut butter mixture reminded me of Nutella, but better, he was a little disappointed to feel it wasn't as original as he thought. I assured him that it was different because he used peanut butter instead of hazelnuts and Ghiridelli chocolate chips which are a darker chocolate and so, sooooo good! It was amazing. My husband is so clever! :-)

Speaking of chocolate. I have now created 2 new converts to making S'mores with dark chocolate. You should give it a try. Really. It is so much better than with milk chocolate! I never liked S'mores because of the milk chocolate (too sweet!), but with dark chocolate, it's almost like a whole different dessert and so, so amazing.

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