Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Seven Day Challenge - Day 7

It's the final day! I think they're giving us a break after yesterday's doozie. It's a day of service and I was actually planning on doing this today anyway!

Our neighbor is kindly letting us use his camper for when my husband's parents come to stay tomorrow, and since he refused payment, I was going to make him a batch of pecan sticky rolls - his favorite. I was also going to make another batch for his dad since our neighbor says the recipe I use tastes just like his mom's who has since passed away. He was willing to pay me, but I also refused payment. Service in return for service! I'll have to make 3 batches of sticky rolls today!

Seven Day Challenge – Day 7 (Tuesday)
~ Everyday Emergency ~
Day of Service for Others

Today you felt a prompting to do an act of service for someone in need. A dear friend is really struggling and it would be very helpful if you brought him/her a meal or a special treat. You have a super busy day with no time to run to the store, but you still want to make something NICE.
Goal: Have a go-to meal or treat on hand for “emergency” acts of service

Today’s Tasks:
·         Cook either a full dinner or a special treat for someone in need (be prayerful/thoughtful about this and really try to find someone you can do this for)
·         Use only ingredients from your food storage
·         Make a list of 2 meals and 2 treats that you can always create from your storage that would be nice enough to give to another family. Make sure you keep the ingredients on hand for them (add to your report card if necessary)
·         Once you have performed your “act of service” you are DONE with the challenge!
·         Compile all your report cards from the week into a master list of things to do, learn, and buy (use our master plan outline to help guide you)
·         SHARING TIME: Post a picture of the meal or treat you made on ourFacebook page and/or share the story of the act of service you performed in either blog comments or on Facebook

Today’s Limitations:
·         For this day, and ALL days of the challenge: no spending money, no going to stores, and no restaurants
·         AFTER you have completed your act of service you can go and get a donut or a big gulp or whatever other indulgence you have been missing out on all week!
Advanced Tasks:
·         Cook your meal or treat without power
·         Make a double batch and freeze one for an act of service on another day

Need to Buy: Some more pecans to store in the fridge would be a good idea. More chocolate chips too. I like to make a big batch of chocolate chip cookie dough and freeze it for making last minute cookies. (or to eat the dough... Mmmm!)

Need to Do: Maybe make a few mix-in-a-jar recipes for even easier treats.

Need to Learn: I think I'm good!

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