Saturday, September 1, 2012

National Preparedness Month!

Happy September! This month is National Preparedness Month (and the month of my birth...) :-) Today I donated blood to the Red Cross. It was the first time in 7 years! What a great way to kick off a month that encourages people to prepare for emergencies.

Here are some links to help you become better prepared for emergencies this month:

1) Join the Seven Day Challenge with the gals over at Food Storage Made Easy. The challenge will begin on an undisclosed day in September, so sign up ASAP!

2) Check out for good, basic information. If you have kids, be sure to click on the "Kids" tab for some fun preparedness activities you can include your kids on.

3) Learn about the great learning opportunities over at The Survival Mom. She's got some interesting looking preparedness videos too.

4) Pledge to prepare at

5) If you need to stock up on things, Emergency Essentials, and I'm sure other emergency prep online stores are having sales for National Preparedness Month.

Happy prepping!

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