Sunday, September 16, 2012

Seven Day Challenge - Day 4

It's Day 4 - Helping Those in Need! This one is an interesting one. As I'm the primary cook, cleaner, teacher (we homeschool), child-care giver this would be quite the challenge for our family. I'm not sure how realistic it would  be for me to leave without my children. We can't afford childcare, so realistically I would probably bring the kids with me and maybe enlist the help of family members? My mom is in Utah and so are my husband's parents. I think I'll have to do some tweaking to this challenge to fit our family's situation...
Update - Well, this one has been harder to wrap my head around than the others. Realistically, if I had to leave I would take the kids with me because they're so young. My husband already knows all my passwords for stuff and he handles most of the finances. We do have a will purchased for both of us, but we do need to fill it out.
Seven Day Challenge - Day 4 (Saturday)
~ Economic Crisis ~
Helping Those in Need
One of your elderly parents (or grandparents, or dear friend, or child) is having severe health problems and can no longer afford home health care. You were asked to come and live with them for 2 months to help out with their day to day living and have to leave TOMORROW. Today you must help your family prepare for you to have an extended “leave of absence”. If you are single focus on getting your own affairs settled.
Goal: Teach your family knowledge and skills that depend on you

Today’s Tasks:
  • Teach the other members of your household how to do any tasks that normally fall to you (i.e. laundry, cooking basics, mowing the lawn, car maintenance, etc.)
  • Make sure to pass any financial information on to your spouse, significant other, or another family member. (Use this questionnaire we made last year as a starting point of the type of info you should pass on)
  • If you’re the one in charge of managing the family schedule and routines, write it all out and make assignments or arrangements for how the family could make it without you
  • If you live alone, make a plan for who would look after your house/affairs if you had to leave suddenly
  • Make a list of all your logins for important websites that family members may need to access. Either print it and put it somewhere secure or save it in a secure manner on your computer
  • SHARING TIME: What is the ONE task that would be hardest for someone else to take over if you were gone for two months? Share in the blog comments or over on our Facebook page.
Today’s Limitations:
  • For this day, and ALL days of the challenge: no spending money, no going to stores, and no restaurants.
  • No other limitations today.
Advanced Tasks:
  • After teaching your family how to do your “jobs” actually leave for the day and make them DO THEM.
  • If you’re single or don’t have a large household, pass along the information to a friend or family for taking care of your house and affairs FOR REAL. Not just a plan for “in case”.

Need to Buy: We're good!
Need to Do: Create a collection of recipes that are easy to make/easy to follow for my husband since he rarely cooks. If my husband were to leave, I would need a list of bills that need to be paid and when as he usually takes that job on. He does have me practice now and then so I'm not totally clueless, which is a good thing as we do most bill paying online and we use a finance software my husband wrote that has it's own little quirks.  
Fill out our wills.
Need to Learn: We're good!

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